Cancelation conditions for Hotel Kohlmayr Royal****:

Room cancelations are only valid in writing.

For cancelations received more than two months prior to arrival, there is no cancelation charge. Between two months and one month prior to arrival, we charge 30 percent of the cost of the booked stay. For those cancelations received later than one month prior to arrival, or in the event of premature departure, we will be obliged to charge you 90% of the cost of your stay.

Our Booking Conditions: Packages may only be booked in advance. Ski passes which are not used will be reimbursed. All other services which have not been utilized will not be reimbursed.

Single-person occupancy of a double room: daily rate x 1.8. 

Confirmation: After you have confirmed our offer, we have  sent you a return confirmation and you have transferred your deposit, your reservation will be guaranteed and you will have indicated your acceptance of our cancelation conditions.

We strongly recommend purchasing our holiday cancelation insurance.

Cancelation Insurance

Book early, worry-free

With Hotel Kohlmayr Royal**** cancelation insurance, booking early is never a risk.

For just € 4.50 per person (children in extra bed € 1.00) and booked vacation day, you don’t have anything more to worry about. If you are prevented from coming on your vacation, you will be refunded the amount of your deposit, according to the conditions of Hotel Kohlmayr cancelation insurance, minus the holiday cancelation premium. (Minimum stay: 5 nights)

Should you be unable to travel due to medical reasons that have been attested to by a doctor, HK cancelation insurance covers all cancelation costs. This would include the following circumstances: death of the insuree; death, major accident or unexpected severe illness affecting the spouse, life partner, own children, grandchildren, grandparents. Premature departure is not covered by HK cancelation insurance.

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