Wellness Area

Feel Special

Our wellness area is the perfect place to recharge those empty batteries. The Panorama Sauna is new, including a spacious relaxation area, unique panoramic views and a south-facing outdoor area – pure relaxation is guaranteed! In addition, we offer you an indoor pool, Shiatsu, massages, beauty treatments, crushed ice, Finnish sauna, organic sauna and steam bath, comfortable lounge chairs and waterbeds in the relaxation area along with a child-free oasis of peace with an open fire. In short: Here, you do wonders for your beauty and your wellbeing. And we, your feel-good team, already look forward to seeing that brand-new radiance of yours!

Your feel-good team

Sylvia & Greti

Together with us, embark on a journey! Experienced hands, attentive touch and an invaluable timeout will add to your very personal moments of happiness here at our Hotel DAS KOHLMAYR****S.

You can learn more about our treatments in our new wellness folder, available for you to download here !

Our suggestion: To guarantee the appointments you want, please let us know what your treatment wishes are before you even get here !


Experience the classics

  • Intensive back massage
  • Classic full-body massage
  • Breuss massage
  • and many more


Touches that move you

Shiatsu has its roots in traditional Far Eastern healing methods and is essentially an encounter with your physical, mental as well as spiritual plains. With the help of gentle stretching, joint rotation and careful pressure, applied with the hands, knees or feet, it is possible to stimulate energy flow and activate the acupuncture points.


Simply Beautiful

  • Basic facial treatment
  • Ultrasound treatment
  • Facial treatment especially for men

power of touch

Feel the benefits

  • On Zon Su – Chinese foot treatment
  • “8 Tibetans” treatment
  • Meridian head massage

booking assistent

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